Glitch outs 'young' Chinese live-streamer as 58yo auntie

A Chinese live-streamer worshipped as a cute goddess has been revealed to be a 58yo woman after a technical glitch stripped her of her beauty filters.


NSFW    CHINESE INTERNET — A popular Chinese live-streamer inadvertently outed her true self after a technical glitch caused her beauty filters to fail. Epically.

According to the Global Times, "Your Highness Qiao Biluo" is a Chinese video blogger worshipped as a "cute goddess" by her 130,000 fans on streaming platform Douyu.

They've given her some serious cash over the years — as high as $15,000, despite never actually seeing her real face.

Turns out it takes a lot to get her looking like a goddess — a lot of beauty filters, that is.
People apparently didn't realize this until a July 25 joint live-stream with fellow user Mix. While hiding her face to get fans to send $11 Gs worth of cash gifts, a technical glitch caused Her Highness's filters to sashay away.

Fans weren't pleased to realize their goddess was in fact a 58-year-old auntie, and hightailed it outta there.

Auntie herself didn't realize the jig was up until she noticed the mass exodus from her VIP access room.

Needless to say, Qiao Biluo is now several thousand poorer, both in fans and in internet cash. But while she's being called out for conning her fanbase, many have pointed out the followers' lack of smarts, since they were gullible enough to send cash gifts.

Still, seems the catfishing scandal hasn't dampened Auntie's spirits, since Asia One reports she's back at it, and even working on a rap track.

Try and try until you die, I guess?
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