Girlfriend bites off finger of married guy after getting kicked to the curb

A 51-year-old Taiwanese woman bites off her married boyfriend’s finger after getting dumped.


NSFW    Luis Suarez isn’t the only one with some serious chompers.

A 51-year-old Taiwanese woman named Huang had a one night stand with her married colleague named Long, haha..long. After a few days of boning on the side, Long dumped the woman which caused her to flip out.

The woman then went over to Long’s house and attacked his wife with a helmet. When Long tried to protect his wife, Huang got even angrier. That’s when she got hungry and decided to bite off Long’s finger.

Afterwards, she still wasn’t done. She also texted him “You dead yet?” and “You’re going to hell.”

Huang has been found guilty of adultery, assault, and intimidation and will have to spend 10 months behind bars.
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