Girl gets stuck in claw machine after climbing inside for doll

All for a Pikachu doll.


NSFW    DONGGUAN, CHINA — A determined little girl in China got herself into a bit of a jam after climbing inside a claw machine through the prize flap on mission to grab a Pikachu doll.
According to Pear Video, the mother told police she had her hands full at the time watching two toddlers when her oldest daughter slipped off and made her way over to the game at a Dongguan shopping mall.
Funny thing about kids, if there's a hole or space big enough to fit, they're definitely going all in.

Getting out is a different story. Luckily, another shopper at the mall spotted that the girl probably was in need of some help, so she called the police.
Footage from the scene shows the girl just chilling calmly while officers and mall staff worked on getting her out.

After about 30 minutes she was all good to go. Police told reporters that she got out from the claw machine unharmed.
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