Girl almost loses head on faulty Parisian fairground ride

A girl nearly died on a French fairground ride after a faulty harness sent her dangling by her ankles.


NSFW    FRANCE — A thrilling carnival ride turned into a horrific near-death experience, after a faulty harness almost cost a young woman her head.

France Bleu reports that the incident took place on Sunday, at the Throne Fair in Paris. The girl had been one of two people on the Adrenaline — a giant swing that sends riders flying from 164 feet up.

As the ride hurtled towards the ground, the girl’s harness snapped, leaving her dangling upside down, suspended only by her ankles.

After she narrowly missed slamming her head into a low platform, and swung back and forth at least seven times the ride finally stopped and she was helped down.

While the girl wasn’t seriously hurt, the fair has said it will dismantle the ride as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry!
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