Giraffe takes out filmmaker in South African game reserve

The director received injuries to his head and died on Wednesday in hospital.


NSFW    JOHANNESBURG — A South African movie director perished last week while filming a giraffe.

Eyewitnesses told The Sun, Carlos Carvalho was at the camera when the animal approached. Carvalho was shooting wildlife footage with his crew in the South African game farm Glen Afric for a film titled Premium Nanny 2.

From nowhere, the giraffe swung its neck and smacked Carvalho, throwing him 5 meters in the air. According to the The Telegraph, Carvalho received injuries to his head that one person described as "severe head trauma." Giraffe necks are powerful and are often used as weapons in the wild.

The animal had previously chased another crew member, according to NewsWeek, but the crew didn't feel threatened by him. The animal won't be put down.

Carvalho was flown to a Johannesburg hospital for treatment but passed away from his wounds last Wednesday. He's survived by his wife and family.
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