Giant void detected inside Great Pyramid in Giza

A team of archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a large empty cavity inside Giza's Great Pyramid, which was built for Pharaoh Khufu.


NSFW    GIZA, EGYPT — Archaeologists have identified an empty cavity in Egypt's Great Pyramid, marking the first discovery of a new internal structure in over two hundred years.

BBC reports that a nearly 100-foot long void was discovered inside the Great Pyramid in Giza, just above the 153-foot long Grand Gallery.

The void was detected using cosmic ray muons, which are high-energy particles that shower the Earth. Muons pass through empty spaces easily, but can be absorbed or deflected by dense materials like solid rock.

Three different muography technologies used to measure muons in the pyramid all detected the same void in the same position.

But because the technique is low resolution, it's difficult to determine the exact shape or function of the void.

Researchers speculate that the void could be one large empty space, or several small ones, possibility used to relieve pressure on the chambers below.

The void will need to be investigated further if we want to know what it actually is. Scientists are already considering drilling a small hole and sending in a tiny robot to hopefully get some answers.
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