Giant viper that slithered into boy's stroller nearly kills dad

Giant 3-foot-long viper nearly leaves boy without a father


NSFW    LONDON, UK — A dad in England who was bitten by a giant viper that slithered into his kid’s stroller is now out of intensive care after fighting for his life.

According to The Sun’s interview, Josh Rose, 27, was picnicking at Hounslow Heath park in West London with his two sons, his sister and her husband, when he spotted a giant viper underneath his son’s stroller.

When Rose attempted to remove the reptile, the snake, reportedly a common European viper, took a bite at Rose’s right index finger. Within minutes, Rose went into anaphylactic shock. He later said he felt paralysed at the time, and was even foaming at his mouth.

A passerby was able to beat the vicious reptile away with a wooden stick.

Paramedics soon arrived at the scene and spent an hour thinning Rose’s blood and pumping him with adrenaline after his heart rate dropped to four beats per a minute.

Rose was taken to West Middlesex Hospital where he was placed in intensive care. His family believes he only had minutes to live after he was bitten. Fortunately, after being treated for 24 hours, Rose was so much better that he was allowed to go home.
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