Get ready for 3D printed chocolates

Swiss chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, says that the technology will allow them to print thousands of chocolate pieces at a time.


NSFW    ZURICH — Barry Callebaut, a Swiss-based chocolate manufacturer, has announced that it will start producing 3D printed chocolate at scale in its new studio called Mona Lisa.

The 3D printing studio will be able to create personalized chocolates for customers, according to a news release from the company. Clients can choose which design, shape and size they want for their chocolate.

Once a design has been chosen, studio designers will then make a digital 3D prototype of the chocolate. The news release explained that the technology is capable of printing thousands of chocolate pieces at a time while retaining a "hand-made appearance."

The service could be used for desserts, confectionery or pastries.

The company says that the service will be available to chefs, hotels, coffee chains and restaurants in select European countries.
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