Get around the neighborhood in your personal flying vehicle

The Solexa has a 200-pound payload and can stay aloft for 20 minutes, which is just enough time to make a run to your local coffee shop.


NSFW    MONTREAL, CANADA — Imagine taking to the skies in your own Jetsons-style personal flying vehicle.

Companies such as Joby Aviation, Zee.Areo and Lilium are developing electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicles, while Uber hopes to build on-demand services around the new form of transportation. The idea is to shorten hours-long highway commutes into a 30-minute door-to-door ride.

Now, technology futurists Charles Bombardier of Imaginative and Pete Bitar of AirBouyant have taken the concept one step further. Their idea: a VTOL designed for quick flights around the neighborhood.

The Solexa looks like a super-sized drone. Yet this one is capable of carrying aloft a 200-pound operator at heights up to 30 meters for as long as 20 minutes. Like other VTOL concepts, navigation could be handled by onboard computers, with operators punching in a destination.

Most VTOL concepts call for ion-lithium batteries. The Solexa would use a compact fuel cell and high octane gasoline to power its six motorized fans.

Bombardier and Bitar think the Solexa would be ideal for short travel across busy city streets or exploring the countryside. Bicycle police might also turn in their rides for a far cooler way to patrol the streets.
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