German tourist shot and wounded in Rio de Janeiro slum


A German tourist was shot and wounded in the stomach on Friday in Rocinha, one of Brazil’s largest slums.
According to Reuters, Frank Daniel Benjamin, 25, was walking with a friend in an alley in the poorest section of Rochina when they were surprised by a gunman.
The two friends tried to run but the gunman opened fire, wounding Benjamin in the stomach.
A local resident picked the Benjamin off the ground and carried him to a police unit where he was rushed to a hospital with a serious wound to the liver.
Police told Reuters that Benjamin was shot in a part of the slum known as “Dirty Clothes,” where drug traffickers still rule a maze of back alleys that are hard to patrol and a place tourists normally do not enter.
The shooting comes about a month after an American female tourist was kidnapped, raped and robbed on a minibus also in Rio.
According to Reuters, these recent episodes of violence have raised questions whether the efforts to pacify Rio’s slums by sending troops and police to dismantle drug-trafficking rings are effective.
The Rocinha slum was supposed to have been pacified in November 2011.
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