Gay penguins kidnap chick from hetero couple at Denmark zoo

A pair of same-sex penguin lovers wanted a child of their own so bad they resorted to kidnapping a chick from its straight parents.


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ODENSE, DENMARK — A zoo in Denmark saw some crazy drama unfold after a gay penguin couple kidnapped a chick from its straight parents.

NBC reports that according to a zookeeper at the Odense Zoo, mama penguin had gone for her daily swim and left the baby with dad. But it wasn't long before dad too wanted a dip, and had no qualms leaving the little penguin to fend for itself.

Seeing the parents were neglectful, a pair of male penguins thought maybe they could do better and took the chick for themselves.

The trio were a family for all of one day, before the real parents came looking for their kid and confronted the pair for their baby-snatching. The loud fight was all caught on camera and posted on the zoo's Facebook page.

The fellas were definitely not keen on giving up their new kid, so zookeepers eventually had to step in.

In the end, mom and dad got their chick back, but the same-sex couple wasn't left high and dry either. They now have an egg from a female unable to care for it, so it's a win-win.

Kidnapping may not work in the human, but apparently things pan out when you're a gay penguin couple with a lotta love to give.
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