Gay penguin dads welcome their first baby chick

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium's same-sex penguin couple Sphen and Magic are now dads to a cute little chick.


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SYDNEY — Just weeks after winning over the internet, Sea Life Sydney's same-sex penguin couple have become proud parents to their very own chick.

According to a press release from the aquarium, male Gentoo penguins Sphen and Magic had become inseparable before breeding season, and are constantly waddling around and going for swims together.

When the pair began making a nest, they were given a dummy egg to practice incubating, and ensure they wouldn't be left out of the season.

The lovebirds did such a bang job that their dummy was soon swapped for a real one, and they became full-fledged parents on October 19.

As to whether it's a boy or a girl — Baby Sphengic's gender won't be determined for another two months.

The as yet unnamed baby will stay with its dads for the first five to six weeks of its life. Once big enough, the chick will shed its baby fluff, and before you know it, it'll be sporting big penguin feathers and getting swimming lessons.

The happy family will be hanging out at the aquarium to welcome visitors, so if anyone wants a dose of cuteness, feel free to come on down.
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