Gargantuan American orders flight attendant to wipe his backside

How does tons of fun wipe his butt normally?


NSFW    TAOYUAN, TAIWAN — EVA Air flight attendants were left traumatized after they were forced to wipe down an American-sized American who couldn't reach his own backside.
According to Apple Daily, tons of fun first had to be wheeled onto the plane on a Walmart wagon because he's got issues with standing and gravity for the flight from L.A. to Taipei.
The man then whined to be put in a row with three seats because of his slender size, which the airline allowed because the flight wasn't full.
Then the real fun began when he demanded that a flight attendant help him go Number 2.
The 440-pound delight then said he couldn't use his right hand because of surgery and that the economy toilet was too small for him.
He then had to be escorted to the business class toilet, where he actually didn't want to shut the door because he wanted "better circulation." Thank god the flight attendant said hell no.
Sunshine immediately pressed the emergency button and demanded the cabin crew pull down his pants for his, or watch him take a dump right on the floor.
He then had the gall to demand they wipe him when he was finished destroying the toilet.
One of the flight attendants was then forced to put on three pairs of latex gloves and going into the abyss—three times in total no less.
Here's a question though, how does Free Willy normally clean himself after the bathroom? Can't be pleasant.
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