Gang of wild turkeys invade Bay Area neighborhoods

Several neighborhoods in the Bay Area are getting invaded by flocks of wild turkeys.


NSFW    FREMONT, CALIFORNIA — There are a lot more turkeys in the Bay Area this year, and no, we don't mean on people's Thanksgiving tables.

CBS reports that flocks of turkeys have left the wild and are now running amok in suburban California.

The wild birds are possibly the worst squatters ever—messing up properties, leaving their crap everywhere, and slowly taking over. Rude!

They're also pretty aggressive, and have been known to attack a mailman or two in their quest for suburban domination.

Apparently, you're not supposed to feed the birds because they get cocky and start thinking they own the place.

So what's a neighborhood to do?

Well, it is Thanksgiving season. If you can't drive them away, you may as well make like the pilgrims and roast the damn birds. Don't forget the gravy!
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