Gaming keyboard records how many times keys are pressed

A Chinese-built gaming keyboard records how many times keys are pressed.


NSFW    CHINA — Several users of the MantisTek GK2 gaming keyboard have reported a built-in Keylogger that is sending data to an Alibaba server in China.

The MantisTex GK2 is a low cost RGB mechanical keyboard produced in China.

The issue is being caused by the keyboard's "Cloud Driver," which sends data to IP addresses linked to Alibaba servers, according to Tom's Hardware.

The data has been identified as how many times keys have been pressed.

Tracking this type of data without user permission could be a violation of privacy laws in the European Union.

To stop the keyboard from sending your key presses to the Alibaba server, make sure the MantisTek Cloud Driver software isn't running in the background.

Another method is by blocking the CMS.exe executable in your firewall by adding a new firewall rule for the MantisTek Cloud Driver in your Windows settings.
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