Gamer sells friend's $1m character for $500

The mistake due to dizziness from too much gaming


NSFW    SICHUAN, CHINA — A Chinese gamer sold his friend's character several hundred thousand dollars short of its $1m plus value, reports the South China Morning Post.

According to Sichuan High Court, mega rich gamer Lu had been letting his pal Lee play as his character on MMORPG "Justice Online".

The South China Morning Post reports that Lu had sunk close to $1.4m US dollars into the character.

Lee then tried to sell the character back to Lu on the NetEase server. However he made a $1.4m typo by mistakenly selling the character to the wrong guy for just $500.

Lee explained that he was dizzy from too much gaming.

An enraged Lu sued everyone including Lee, the buyer and NetEase.

According to the South China Morning Post, the court settled the case last week. Netease revoked the transaction and the buyer got nearly 13 large in damages.
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