Futuristic high-tech public toilets planned for San Francisco

SmithGroup has won a design competition for San Francisco's next-generation public toilets.


NSFW    SAN FRANCISCO — American architectural company SmithGroup has won a design competition for San Francisco's public toilets.

The structure is called AmeniTREES and consists of a toilet and a green roof with vegetation, according to SmithGroup's website.

An irrigation system underneath the green roof will collect rainwater. The collected water will be filtered and stored in a storage tank. It can be used to wash the units or flush down the toilet.

The architectural firm's website explains that by harvesting rainwater, the city will minimize its reliance on potable water.

The structure will consist of a silver exterior with metal panels and a digital screen that companies can use for advertising.

The AmeniTREES will have four variations: a single unit, a double unit, a double unit with a bench and a double unit with a rooftop tree.
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