Futuristic green house allows residents to grow crops indoors

Chinese architects have proposed a futuric house design in which residents will be able to grow vegetables indoors and monitor plant growth on their smartphones.


NSFW    SHANGHAI — An architectural firm based in Shanghai has unveiled a futuristic, zero-waste house that allows residents to power their own homes and grow their own produce in a living space of 150 square meters.

Yang Design's Green Concept House features solar panels and wind turbines that would be used to provide power to the house. Spare energy from electricity consumption would then be used to convert water vapor from the air into water drops using condensation panels on the roof of the house.

Circular incubators present throughout the green house would allow residents to grow plants and vegetables indoors. Water drops created from the condensation panels would be deposited to a circular pool which would regulate water flow to each circular incubator.

This system would be connected via a smartphone app, allowing residents to monitor their in-home garden using the app even if they are away from home. The app would alert homeowners with an alarm if one of the plants is in need of specific care or send out a notification if a vegetable or a plant is ready to be picked.

The architectural firm explained on its website that this futuristic design could create a new means of communication between separated individuals and allow them to bond over the vegetable garden as well as redefine the concept of agriculture.
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