Fugitive on the lam for 17 years caught living in cave by drone

Chinese police say the 63-year-old man escaped from a prison camp back in 2002.


NSFW    YONGSHAN, CHINA — A Chinese fugitive who had been on the lam for 17 years was finally captured after he was caught on camera by a drone living in a cave.
According to Yongshan police in a statement on WeChat last Friday, authorities had tried multiple times to recapture 63-year-old Song Mou Jiang but failed.
The cops were tipped off that Song may have been living in the mountains behind his hometown in Yunnan province in southern China.
After searches for Song came up empty due to the difficult terrain and thick vegetation in the mountains, police requested drones to help with the search.
With the eye in the sky, police spotted blue metal siding being used as a roof on a steep cliff. They also saw a bunch of garbage outside a tiny cave.
According to NBC News, search teams then went to check out the cave on foot and discovered the elusive Song, who was sent to a prison camp in 2002 for human trafficking.

Police said Song had been living in the tiny cave for several years. Photos of the cave show a makeshift bed and blackened pots used for cooking.
Song apparently had been living off the grid for so long he had trouble communicating with the police.
He has since been sent back to China's wonderful prisons.
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