Friendship paradox makes your Facebook friends shinier, happier and richer than you


NSFW    Doesn't it seem like your Facebook friends lead far more exciting lives than you do? Psychologists call this phenomenon the "friendship paradox". The average person generally thinks that they have fewer friends than they actually do. People have a habit of becoming fixated on their most popular friends on social media and the end result is lower self-esteem.

Think of it as a form of sampling bias. The friends of yours who have the most friends themselves are those that you're most likely to see popping up on your Facebook News Feed.

According to research out of Germany, after spending time on Facebook, one out of three people become envious of their friends and feel dissatisfied with their own lives. Don't allow this illusion to lower your self-esteem. Want to be happy? It's easy, just stay away from Facebook.
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