French student activist left brain dead after neo-Nazi skinhead attack


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France is in shock and a young student activist is brain dead after he and his friends were set upon by gang of skinheads in a vicious attack in Paris on Wednesday night.

Left-wing student activist Clement Meric and his friends were out shopping in a central Paris clothing shop. They began trading insults with a group of neo-Nazi skinheads also in the shop and a scuffle broke out before the skinheads left.

When Meric and his friends walked outside the skinheads were waiting. A fight erupted and Meric’s head struck a bollard after being punched by a man wearing knuckle dusters.

When the fight ended Meric was not moving. The 19-year-old suffered a severe head injury and was later pronounced brain dead.

Eyewitness accounts say at least one of the attackers had a swastika tattooed on his neck. Another reportedly wore a shirt of British neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour.

Interior minister Manuel Valls condemned the assault and said the attackers, whom me linked to a far-right group, must be found and arrested.

This animation depicts the attack and the moments before it took place.
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