French jogger detained for accidentally crossing US border

Trump is keeping 'Murica safe from foreign joggers one at a time.


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BLAINE, WASHINGTON — A French woman who went jogging on a Canadian beach was sent to a U.S. immigration detention for straying across the border.

Cedella Roman, 19, was visiting British Columbia and running along the beach that leads to Canada's border with 'Murica on May 21.
As the tide began to rise, she turned onto a dirt path, stopped to take a picture then started heading back, not realizing she had accidentally strayed into U.S. territory.

That's when she was pounced on by two U.S. border patrol agents who slapped cuffs on her for crossing into Blaine, Washington.

The officers then took Roman 136 miles south to the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center.

According to the BBC, Roman was crammed into a room with about 100 other people. They were locked up the whole time with barbed wire and dogs.

She called her mom in B.C., who brought Roman's passport and work permit, but U.S. officials wouldn't release her until Canadian immigration said it was okay for Roman to come back.

Finally, after 15 days, Ms. Roman was allowed to put this ridiculous ordeal behind her.
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