French fighter jet ejects passenger by accident

The jet was taking a civilian for a ride, and that's exactly what he got.


NSFW    SAINT DIZIER, FRANCE — A civilian flying in a French fighter was treated to something you don't experience every day—he was accidentally ejected from the plane as it took off.
According to the Aviationist, a 64-year-old man got to test out the ejector seat first hand as the French Air Force twin-seat Rafale B fighter was taking off from Saint-Dizier 113 air base on Mar. 20.
The aircraft was supposed to be going on a training mission. The pilot was able to land the aircraft safely with minor injuries to his hands caused by the broken canopy.
According to Aerotime, the unidentified human cannonball was hospitalized after he injured his back as he parachuted back down on to the runway.

But according to a spokesperson for the French Air Force his health, "is not a cause for concern."

Part of the French Rafale fleet was grounded as a precautionary measure for several days as the incident was investigated.
The air force is still unclear what triggered the ejection. It may have been a voluntary ejection, an involuntary one or even a mechanical failure.
According to the Aviationist, the Rafale is equipped with the MkF16F ejection seat, which features two rocket motors for double the fun.
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