Free-range chicken busted for jaywalking in Portland

A Portland cop picked up a jaywalker while on patrol, and might have ruffled some feathers when he tried to bring it in.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

PORTLAND, OREGON — A chicken looking for fun outside the coop had its freedom cut short after it was picked up by a Portland cop.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, the wayward, free-roaming bird had been spotted crossing the road at a busy intersection, and was picked up by Officer Daniel Trummer, who managed to get the grumpy jaywalker into his patrol car with the help of a bystander.

Needless to say, feathers were ruffled.

It's unclear if Portland Police formally charged the fowl or just let it off with a stern warning.

They legendary jaywalker had to be turned over to animal control when they couldn't find its owner, though she did eventually come after seeing her pet's escapades on social media.

The chicken, whose name turned out to be Edie, is now back at home and safe, and hopefully won't be crossing any streets for a good long while.
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