France is deploying its sole aircraft carrier to fight ISIS

Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is the biggest warship of France's Marine Nationale.


NSFW    PARIS — France is deploying its sole aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the Middle East.

Citing President Emmanuel Macron's speech to the military, Reuters reports that the carrier and its battle group will support counterterrorism operations from January to April.

According to Naval Technology, Charles de Gaulle is a 261.5 m long nuclear powered carrier with a displacement of 38,000 tonnes.

The de Gaulle's air group includes up to 40 Rafale M fighters, E-2C early warning aircraft, and various helicopters, including the Dauphin PEDRO.

The carrier's deck load is supplemented by an internal hanger equipped with two lifts for aircraft.

The ship is also armed with the Aster and Mistral air to air missiles and 20mm guns for close range defense.

Citing Macron, Reuters reports that after its deployment in the Middle East, the carrier will proceed to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.
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