Four passengers collapse on Ryanair 'flight from hell'

Four passengers collapsed while on a Ryanair flight from Budapest to Edinburgh.


NSFW    BUDAPEST / EDINBURGH — What was supposed to be an uneventful 3-hour plane ride to Edinburgh turned hellish after passengers started collapsing mid-flight.

Passenger Shaun Pinkerton told the Scottish Sun that the fire alarm on the plane was going off during boarding, but the Ryanair flight still took off as planned.

An hour into the January 31 trip, a 17-year-old girl collapsed in the cabin, and had to receive CPR. A second passenger also fainted, followed by Pinkerton, and then a fourth and final person.

Cabin crew had to perform CPR and bust out huge oxygen tanks for the fallen passengers.

Pinkerton himself needed an oxygen mask, and claimed he went into shock and started shaking.

The 27-year-old says passengers feared there was something wrong with the plane – that there wasn't enough oxygen. He blames the airline for the "flight from hell" and is demanding compensation.

But in a statement to the Independent, Edinburgh Airport denies any fault with the aircraft, and confirmed that cabin crew called ahead to request medical assistance upon landing.

The plane touched down in Edinburgh normally and was met by medics, who provided treatment for the four victims of the fainting spells.
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