Four Amish men were arrested for driving a horse and buggy drunk

When Amishing goes wrong.


NSFW    BEAVERTON, MICHIGAN — Four Amish bros were busted in Michigan for being tipsy while operating a horse and buggy.
MLive reported that around 4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 29, Gladwin County Sheriff's deputies got a call from a motorist notifying them about a horse and buggy that was acting kind of buggy.
The driver said the men were apparently tossing empty cans onto the street.
After police located the buggy in question, they pulled the guys over and asked them to cough up their IDs.
Police said the group first gave the cops bogus ages and refused to give them their names.
Upon further investigation, deputies discovered several more cans of beer inside the buggy. They also added that all four were obviously loaded.
Levei Mast, 20, Andrew Zook, 19, Joseph Miller, 20 and Joseph Troyer, 19, were all charged with felony obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.
They were also hit with civil infractions for being minors in possession of booze.
Each was released on Monday on $3,500 bond.
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