Flushing drugs down toilet could spawn meth gators, cops say

Tennessee police are warning residents not to flush their stash down the toilet, since it could create meth-gators in Alabama.


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LORETTO, TENNESSEE — In what sounds like the plot of a gloriously bad B-movie, police in Tennessee are warning folks not to flush drugs down the toilet, or, get this, gators-who-broke-bad might just start taking over the South.

CNN reports that the Loretto Police Department posted the warning to Facebook after their guys nabbed a suspect who tried to flush speed down the crapper.

Though the dude wasn't successful, the cops say it's definitely a concern, since meds in the sewer system could end up in treatment ponds, and then get the duck and geese all hyped up and loca.

Even worse, the stuff could make it all the way downstream and end up getting more than a few Alabama gators cranked. And we certainly don't want no crazy snappers. Lord knows Alabama already has enough speed-induced concerns to deal with.

The Tennessee boys in blue ended their message by encouraging folks who wanna get rid of their stash to instead come in and surrender them for proper disposal. Sure, not like you'll arrest them or anything.
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