Florida woman shoots boyfriend for snoring too loudly

Dude snoozed too loudly and nearly lost his life.


NSFW    COCOA, FLORIDA — A lady in Florida went crazy on her new boyfriend after a booze-fueled argument about his loud snoring.

According to the arrest affidavit, Lorie Morin and Brett Allgood had been dating for all of three weeks when their night troubles came to a pretty violent head.

Allgood was anything but a silent sleeper, and his super loud snoring disturbed Morin so much one night that she elbowed him in the ribs to wake him up. He spent the rest of the night on the couch.

In an attempt to make it up to his girlfriend, he showed up the next day with flowers, chocolates, a bottle of her favorite rum, and snoring strips.

Booze was maybe not the best idea though, because several rum cokes later, Morin suddenly started ramming into Allgood about his snoring.

While he tried to leave to avoid a fight, crazy drunk lady picks up her shotgun and blasts him in the side.

When the cops showed up, she fed them a fake sob story about the gun accidentally going off while they were packing stuff.

Luckily, Allgood survived his shooting and later set the story straight. The cops arrested Morin after getting her to fess up to everything.

According to court documents, the 47-year-old is being charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery.
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