Florida woman gets probation after pulling gator from her pants

A Florida lady is getting probation, community service, and a fine after she pulled out a live gator from her yoga pants during a traffic stop.


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PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA — Weird news comes out of Florida on a daily basis, but no one takes the cake like this lady, who pulled a gator out of her pants during a traffic stop.

CBS Miami reports that back in May, a Charlotte County Sheriff's Deputy stopped a pickup after it ran a stop sign.

The driver, 22-year-old Michael Clemmons, said he and his passenger Ariel Machan-Le Quire had been collecting frogs and snakes underneath an overpass.

The cop wasn't buying it, and asked to search the vehicle.

According to USA Today, he ended up finding not one, not two, but 42 striped mud turtles and a softshell turtle inside a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack, which was by the passenger's feet.

When the deputy asked asked the pair if they had anything else in the truck, 25-year-old Marchan-Le Quire reached into her yoga pants and pulled out a live, foot-long baby gator.

Needless to say, crazy alligator lady was charged for illegally possessing wildlife. According to the Miami Herald, she's since been sentenced to six months probation, 200 hours of community service, and has to donate 500 bucks to Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Charges against Clemons are still pending.
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