Florida man smiles after leading police on a BIZARRELY slow chase

56-year-old Gordon Ormond was caught driving under the influence in Pasco County and received his fifth DUI.


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PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA — Deputy body-cam footage shows 56-year-old Gordon Ormond being slowly pursued, driving a white van under the influence in Pasco County, Florida.

Tampa Bay's WFTS ABC Action News reports that when officers attempted to stop the suspect, he simply continued his joyride which went through the Embassy Lakes neighborhood at low speeds.

After a pursuit that reached speeds of 35 miles per hour, Deputies finally got Ormond in handcuffs after blowing out three of his tires using a spike strip in the road.

For Ormond, this is his 12th arrest for driving with a suspended license and fifth felony DUI.

When he was arrested, Ormond was shirtless and back at the station, he smiled at the camera.

Sergeant Dennis Fenstermacher told ABC he was thankful Ormond was in jail again and that he hoped for "tougher sanctions" this time around.
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