Florida Fred Flintstone jokingly nabbed for speeding in footmobile

A man dressed as Fred Flintstone was pulled over by a Pasco County officer in a mock arrest, because he was going way too fast in his footmobile.


NSFW    WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA — Halloween may be over, but that didn't stop one Floridian from getting into character.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, Bedrock's premiere working class caveman was spotted in Wesley Chapel, Florida on November 4, complete with his prehistoric smart car.

The faux Fred Flintstone, whose real name is Don Swartz, took to the streets in his foot mobile, but was apparently going way too fast for the cops' comfort.

A Pasco County deputy gave him a speeding ticket, which didn't really blow over well, and caused Twinkletoes to go full caveman on the officer.

Mr. Flintstone was later released, but his foot mobile was seized by the Sheriff's Office, and is now part of their fleet.

Really though, the whole thing was part of a mock arrest and vehicle seizure, and no Fred Flintstones or foot mobiles were hurt in the making of this PSA.

Their message? Speeding may be okay in the Stone Age, but in Modern Day Florida, you better yabba dabba don't.
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