Florida deputy rescued by good guy with a gun

The armed civilian had a concealed weapons licence and shot the suspect three times when he didn’t stop beating on a Lee County Sheriff’s deputy.


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ESTORA, FLORIDA — A man with a concealed weapons licence killed a suspect who was fighting with a police officer on Monday morning in Estero, Florida.

According to local TV news outlet WINK News, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was working a crash on Interstate 75 when a car drove past him. The vehicle was travelling at 120 miles per hour, reported police news website Leo Affairs, citing a bystander.

Bardes chased the reckless driver for several miles in a high-speed pursuit. A witness said the driver got out of the car and tackled Bardes. The suspect was also allegedly armed, reported WINK News.

The suspect was reportedly beating on Bardes when an armed civilian ordered him to stop. He didn’t stop, and the civilian is then said to have killed him after firing at him three times.

Bardes managed to get away from the suspect and was treated at a local hospital, then later released. Authorities are trying to determine if the civilian was justified in his killing of the suspect.
Officer Dean Bardes. WINK NEWS
Officer Dean Bardes. WINK NEWS
The scene on Interstate 75 following the shooting. NBC-2
The scene on Interstate 75 following the shooting. NBC-2
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