Florida college students busted in prostitution ring

Three Florida college students were arrested in Coral Gables last week in a sting operation on a prostitution ring.


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CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA — Three college students got nabbed after they were busted for the world’s oldest profession down in the Sunshine State.

Samara Pamela Charlotin, 19, Acacia Jerico Friedman, 23, and Maury Noun, 21, were arrested last week on several charges, according to the Coral Gables police arrest report.

The trio were caught after reportedly negotiating a hanky panky deal with an undercover officer of the law, according to CBS Miami.

Noun met with an undercover officer at the Hotel Colonnade’s restaurant to discuss the terms, CBS Miami reported.

According to the arrest report, Noun was supposed to get $3,000 for setting the deal up and said that it would be $5,000 each for horizontal bedroom dancing with the girls. Noun allegedly said unprotected services would cost more.

After the officer paid Noun, 21, brought Charlotin and Friedman into the room.

The cop then paid the girls before signaling the cavalry to come in and arrest the three students.

Noun and Friedman are both students at the University of Miami, while Charlotin is studying at Florida International University.
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