Flight delayed after Chinese passengers throw coins for luck


NSFW    JINAN, CHINA — Chinese women were escorted off a flight for throwing good luck coins at the plane's engine before the trip, delaying the flight for two hours, reports Beijing News.

There are several things you can do ensure your travel plans go smoothly. Print out copies of your passport, label your luggage, pack extra toiletries and oh...Don't throw coins into the plane's engine.

Apparently, this isn't common knowledge. According to Beijing News, two women on board a Lucky Air flight from Jinan to Chengdu delayed the flight for two whole hours after being spotted tossing coins at the plane's engine like it was some sort of wishing well.

Sure enough, nothing bad happened on their flight...because they were kicked off of it. After making sure the coinage hadn't wrecked the engines, airport authorities escorted the ladies off the plane.

Lucky Air hasn't confirmed whether or not it will take legal action against the women. If they do, these ladies are going to have to drop some coin and lawyer up.

China has had the good fortune to have this preflight ritual happen at least five times, three of which have happened on Lucky Air flights. Guess they are pretty lucky to keep getting such awesome passengers.
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