Flesh eating fungus destroys Vietnamese woman's face

A Vietnamese woman dies after her face is eaten away by a fungus after developing a sinus infection.


NSFW    MY THO, VIETNAM — A young Vietnamese woman died after her face was destroyed by a flesh eating fungus after developing a sinus infection.

Tran Thi Yen Nhung started experiencing discomfort and pain inside her nose a few years ago, which doctors diagnosed as sinusitis, the Mirror reported.

After the pain persisted, her family started looking for cures before surgeons operated on her a year later.

Unfortunately, the operation only made the infection worse. Even though her family spent around $224,000 on different treatments, the infection continued to spread.

Within a year the infection had eaten away at most of the woman’s face, destroying her nose, mouth and forehead, according to the Mirror.

Nhung finally passed away from the infection on December 27.

Medical experts said her infection was most likely caused by a combination of fungus and poor medical treatment.
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