Flat earthers reveal insane new Pac-Man effect theory

A flat Earth believer has put forth a crazy new theory claiming people get teleported when they reach the edge of the earth, just like in Pac-Man.


NSFW    BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM — The idiots of the world came together at the Flat Earth Convention in England last weekend and let loose a torrent of insanity.

According to Vice, wild conspiracy theories thrown about ranged from pseudoscientific to magical to just plain bizarre.

One speaker concluded gravity doesn't exist after spending a year tracking moon movements in his backyard with a camera and phone app.

Musician Darren Nesbit hypothesized that the earth is shaped like a diamond and held up by pillars.

According to Nesbit, it's just like Pac-Man. Once you reach one end of the earth, space-time wraps around, as it does, and teleports you to the opposite end, same as what happens to the video game characters.
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