Flat-Earther still planning to launch self in homemade rocket

Good luck to Mad Mike.


NSFW    You Idiot!

FLAT EARTH — Remember Mad Mike Hughes? Of course not, why would you.

A few months ago, Mike made headlines over the flat Earth when he tried to raise money to launch himself in a homemade steam powered rocket a mile across the Mojave Desert.

The plan was to shoot himself high enough to see that the Earth is just a disc. Unfortunately, paperwork and mechanical failures stopped the November launch from happening.

Mike went back to the drawing board and redesigned his rocket and now says he's good to go on February 3.

The plan is to fly straight up for a third of a mile and then let gravity take over. But does gravity really exist?
Hughes eventually says he wants to shoot himself up 52 miles in the air by year's end to see for himself the shape of the Earth.

He says it'll cost him $2 million for the hot-air balloon, rocket pack and space suit to get him to his vantage point.
Maybe Mike should hit up Kyrie Irving or J.J. "I don't believe in dinosaurs" Reddick for the cash.
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