Firenado rarity rips it up in Brazil

A rare sight of a firenado was caught burning its way through Brazil.


NSFW    SANTA HELENA DE GOIÁS, BRAZIL — Intense heat, and turbulent winds gave life to a phenomenal fire tornado in central west Brazil.

The footage from Tuesday captures the luminous and towering twister rip it up across a meadow on the banks of a motorway in Santa Helena de Goiás.

In the video, trucks that have pulled up to spectate are dwarfed by the wild tornado of fire, also known as the 'fire devil' making for some pretty unnerving scenes.

The raging rarity arcs upwards with fiery explosions from its base.

That fire was eventually contained by the farmers, however, not everything ended there.

According to the Peruvian newspaper, La República, two days later a second firenado was captured wreaking havoc in a cane plantation.

Experts from Sao Paulo's Somar Meteorology Institute report that fire tornadoes are one of the "rarest events in nature" and that they only materialize with a combination of high temperatures, turbulent winds, low air humidity, and dry soil.

Brazilian firefighters say that these relentless swirls can reach up to 80 meters high.

However, mechanical engineer Jason Forthofer, told National Geographic that he believes some fire tornados can grow more than a thousand feet tall.
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