Fireflies threatened by artificial light, habitat loss: Study

New research has warned that fireflies are threatened by light pollution, a loss of habitat and pesticides which may lead to their extinction.


NSFW    MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS — A joint study by Tuft University and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has found that fireflies are being threatened by habitat loss, light pollution and pesticide use.

Researchers surveyed 49 firefly experts from around the world in order to get a better understanding of prominent threats faced by roughly 2,000 different firefly species.

Habitat loss was believed to be the largest threat to fireflies worldwide as their habitats are shrinking due to loss of land.

Artificial light pollution is the second largest threat to fireflies globally as it interferes with their natural light which is used for communication and mating purposes.

The use of pesticides was regarded to be the third largest threat as it is harmful to insects that fireflies consume for survival.

Study author Sara M. Lewis, told the Washington Post that this was the first time a comprehensive list of threats, based on expert opinions, has been written about fireflies from around the world.
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