Fire breaks out on Russian nuclear submarine

Russia's Ministry of Defence said that the submarine was sent underwater to survey the seafloor.


NSFW    MOSCOW — Russia's Ministry of Defense says 14 sailors were killed when a nuclear-powered submarine caught fire while it was underwater last week.

The vessel was a AS-12 Losharik submarine, Russian media outlet RBC reports, citing anonymous sources.

The AS-12 can reach depths of up to 6,000 meters. Its nuclear reactor is isolated and operates autonomously.

The vessel is carried beneath the hull of the nuclear-powered submarine Orenburg to avoid detection, according to Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

Russian News Agency TASS cited a statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that the submarine was in Russian territorial waters and was studying the seafloor.

The statement added that the sailors died as a result of inhaling combustion products on the vessel.

The exact cause of the fire is unknown.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin cancelled a planned visit and extended condolences to the family members of the victims, RBC reports.

According to TASS, President Putin ordered a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the submarine fire.
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