Finnair starts passenger weigh-ins at Helsinki airport

Finnish flag carrier Finnair is starting to ask volunteer passengers to get weighed before their flights, in an effort to update data on passenger weight estimates.


NSFW    HELSINKI — Finland's largest airline is now weighing its passengers, but not for the reason you might be thinking.

BBC reports that Finnish flag carrier Finnair has begun conducting voluntary passenger weigh-ins at Helsinki airport. Only 180 have volunteered so far, but the airline hopes to weigh as many as 2,000.

The aim of the weigh-ins is to update the estimates being used to calculate total weight, since this is used to forecast payload and fuel consumption.

Finnair is currently relying on 2009 data from the European Aviation Safety Agency, which lists 85 kilos as the standard weight for males, 67 kilos for females, and 31 for children under 12.

But these weights often vary under certain conditions. Men in first class tend to weigh more than average, while the opposite is true for females. Carry-on luggage weight also fluctuates, and is heavier in winter than in summer.

Finnair claims surveying its mix of travellers will generate more accurate data that's specific to their airline. It plans to continue with the weigh-ins through Spring 2018.
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