Filipina flight attendant breastfeeds passenger's baby

The flight attendant came to the rescue after the mother ran out of baby formula


NSFW    PHILIPPINES — A flight attendant on a Philippine Airlines flight who breastfed a passenger's hungry baby has touched hearts across the internet.
According to Next Shark, Patrisha Organo was working on a domestic hop, when she heard a crying baby.
After approaching the mother to ask what was wrong, it turns out she had run out of baby formula.

With no baby formula on board, Organo did the next best thing, she offered to breastfeed the baby herself, which the mother happily agreed to.
They headed to the galley, where Organo fed the 9-month-old baby until she quietly fell asleep.

The mother and baby were then escorted back to their seats where they enjoyed the rest of their flight.

Organo shared the snap over Facebook on November 7. It has since racked up more than 183,000 likes and nearly 39,000 shares.
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