Fend off Chinese mask hoarders with Taiwan flag face masks

Face masks with Taiwan flag printed on them is exactly what China needs in these trying times.


NSFW    TAIPEI — It's trying times in China with the you-know-what causing a global pandemic and prompting everyone and their Great Aunt to wear protective face masks.

As folks went into a frenzy of panic buying and mask hoarding, a photo popped up on Reddit showing face masks embellished with the Taiwan flag.

It came with text saying: "Taiwan printed its national flag on face masks so that any mainland Chinese who buys them will have to wear the Taiwanese flag on his face."

Ooooh, yes please!

According to Taiwan News, the Japanese got wind of the photo after blogger Rie Ogasawara posted it on social media site Ameba.

Some commented that the presence of the dreaded flag would keep any card-carrying follower of the CCP from buying it, which only means more for the rest of us!

They also mistakenly assumed someone in Japan had started the trend. But eagle-eyed Taiwanese netizens were quick to claim that the manufacturer, Champ Mask, was Taiwanese, and the price in the photo couldn't be in yen.

It's unlikely that the face masks were made specifically to troll Chinese, but hey, if it's there why not use it?
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