Female high school janitor accused of robbing student of his virginity

A female janitor in Tennessee has been charged with sexually assaulting a male high school student.


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KINGSTON, TENNESSEE — A married female janitor is in hot water for allegedly raping a 16-year-old male student while class was in session.

Jessica Galyon, 29, was arrested on Feb. 23 on charges of sexual battery by an authority figure, aggravated statutory rape and statutory rape by an authority figure, according to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

The victim’s parents are seeking $4.5 million in damages from Roane County Schools and Compass One Services of Tennessee, the company that contracted Galyon, for negligence in allowing the alleged assault to take place at the Midway High School, according to a lawsuit.

Galyon allegedly first started hitting on the teen in August last year. She got his phone number and insisted they become Facebook friends.

The janitor then began sending “flirtatious and sexual messages” to the boy. Galyon’s advances were “unsolicited, unwanted and unwelcome,” according to the lawsuit.

Galyon reportedly tried to get the boy to visit her in a hotel room so they could bone on Sep. 16 last year, but the boy shot her down.

The boy tried to talk to Galyon to tell her to lay off, but then she allegedly took him into a room and raped him during school hours.

Students and faculty knew about Galyon’s thing for the boy and would tease him about it, according to the lawsuit. One faculty member even said he envied the boy because he wanted to nail Galyon.

A month after the alleged rape, a faculty member told school officials about what allegedly happened, which led to Galyon’s arrest.
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