Feisty Utah dog tasered by cop may get put down

Authorities initially wanted to put the German Shepherd down after he attacked two officers earlier this month.


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ST. GEORGE, UTAH — A dog tasered by police officers in Utah earlier this month may get euthanized.

On May 3, 2018 two officers from St George city PD paid Willie Mosher a visit over an alleged domestic dispute with his unidentified female partner. The officer's body cams were rolling whole time.

Footage from the equipment show both officers being attacked and chased by Mosher's dog, Champ, a large male German Shepherd. Despite being afforded several chances by police to calm the canine down, Mosher couldn't and the responding officers had to use their tasers on the animal.

Mosher was arrested in relation to the dispute with his partner, and Champ was set to be put down. But following social media uproar from Mosher's family and friends, authorities are now letting a third party judge examine him. If Champ cannot be retrained he'll be euthanized.

Mosher's mother told the St George Spectrum newspaper Champ's been kept in an animal shelter for the past 2 weeks and that he's had no visitors. She says who ever examines Champ will do so without his family present to calm him.

St George Mayor Jon Pike praised the officers' restraint for not shooting the dog. Speaking to the Spectrum, Pike said he hopes Champ could be retrained, but added that the safety is also a priority.
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