Fearless thieves snatched $27K of Apple gadgets in brazen heist

It took only mere seconds for the four bandits to wipe out three showcase tables.


NSFW    FRESNO, CALIFORNIA / US — Last Saturday, at 11:30 a.m., four fearless robbers swiped $27,000 worth of Apple gadgets in a brazen heist.

As customers were leisurely shopping at the Fashion Fair Mall, a group of hoodlums suddenly swooped into the Apple store.

The four robbers wearing hoodies did not lose any time; it took them mere seconds to wipe out the first three showcasing tables. Everything went so fast employees and customers alike remained dumbstruck, while a little girl even dived under a table.

The daring raiders then ran out, pushing through a crowd of frightened teenage girls. A brave Samaritan unsuccessfully tried to stop them, but was fended off by the fleeing thugs.

According to local authorities, the bandits snatched 26 items, including various iPhone models and laptops. The estimated value of their loot was $27,000.

Authorities are still investigating whether the heist might be connected to other similar robberies. An audacious takeover raid following the same mode of operation took place last month in San Luis Obispo, California.
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