FDA warns against vaginal rejuvenation devices

The FDA has sent out a warning to women that tightening their downstairs plumbing with laser devices is a bad idea.


NSFW    SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND — The FDA has a message for anyone who's thinking of getting their nether regions done up: don't do it!

Once upon a time, vag rejuvenation was something women had done to get cancerous cells or warts out of their downstairs plumbing, according to CNN.

But somewhere down the line, someone decided it was a good idea to capitalize on societal pressure to obtain female bodily perfection. So instead of a legit medical procedure, it's now all about appearances. Plumper labia, improved elasticity, tighter skin? Check, check, and check.

Apparently if you're looking to feel more confident and bring romance back into your relationship, all it takes is a visit to a cosmetic clinic and a laser to your hooha.

As if that's not misleading enough, 'doctors' claim its painless and safe. The FDA begs to disagree though, saying it causes burns, scarring, and is in fact pretty damn painful.

They've already sent out warning letters to companies inappropriately marketing the procedure for unapproved purposes, and are cautioning women to stay away.

It's not just coochie rejuvenation, either. There's a ton of 'ancient' and 'natural' genital health remedies out there that aren't the least bit useful.

So please, for the love of your lady garage, please leave it the hell alone.
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