Father ‘pleasures' himself using his own daughter's hand; claims it was ‘sex education'

A 26-year old elementary school teacher in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has accused her father of incest and sexual assault that began when she was 14. The father says his acts were “sex ed.”


NSFW    A 26-year old elementary school teacher in Taiwan’s northeastern city of Hsinchu has accused her father of sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old.

She said her father used to rub her inner thigh when she was sleeping, but the abuse progressed to him breaking into the bathroom when she was showering 12 years ago.

The woman said her father took off his clothes, entered the shower with her and pressed her hand against his genitals. He then used her hand to pleasure himself.

The disgusting crime haunted the woman for years and she eventually went to a counsellor for help, and reported her father’s atrocious acts to the police.

In court, her father denied all accusations but also claimed he had given his daughter what he called “sexual education.”

The unrepentant father further argued that his daughter had a bad memory, saying that he had been giving her “sexual education” since she was seven-years-old, not 14.

Prosecutors decided to charge this disgusting father with sexual deviancy and incest charges. He faces up to 5 years in prison.

Experts suggest that victims of sex crimes to seek the help from counsellors or psychologists as soon as possible, adding that although the healing process is painful, early therapy could prevent further mental damage.
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