Father and son attacked by troop of monkeys who stole boy's toy

A boy in China learned not to mess with monkeys after one of the cheeky primates stole his toy.


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XICHANG, CHINA — A boy and his father were attacked by a troop of monkeys when they tried to retrieve a stolen toy.

The 12-year-old boy and his dad were hiking in the Lu Mountain area of Xichang, Sichuan province last week when he dropped his bubble-making toy, the South China Morning Post reported, citing Chengdu Commercial Daily. A thieving monkey stole the toy, and when the primate climbed up a tree, the boy chased after him.

The monkey's troop came out in full force to defend their mate, and attacked the boy by scratching and biting him relentlessly. When the child fell from the tree, his father ran over to help. That's when he too was attacked by the gang of monkeys, suffering the same fate.

A security guard stepped in to save the pair, and the monkeys dispersed. Roughly 100 monkey attacks take place at Lu Mountain each year.
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